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I am thinking about writing as I am writing about thinking.  Metacognition (literally) means cognition about cognition, or more simply: thinking about thinking.  And since writing is an extension of thinking, I have decidedly suggested that thinking about writing is an example of metacognition.  Are you still with me?

My blog entries are typical examples of narrative writing, a weekly essay that tells some sort of story that is mostly true, but sometimes fictitious.  Also, each blog entry is mostly written within the device of stream of consciousness, a narrative mode that depicts the multitudinous thoughts passing through my mind during these focused given minutes (usually 90) that express my interior monologue.

Thinking about writing is not writing.  Just as thinking about running is not running, thinking about skating is not skating, and thinking about academically preparing is not academically preparing.  Thinking about writing is not writing but … it comes close, this blog entry being a perfect and lazy example.  Did I say lazy?

I never know what I’m going to write for my blog until I think out a snappy title.  If, dear reader, you scroll into my blog past you will find snappy title after snappy title after snappy title.  Titles are my strength.  Titles are my shine.  And keeping with the metaphor, the actual essay would by my shoe.  Sometimes, my essays are all shine and no shoe, but never are they all shoe and no shine, if you know what I mean.

I am NOT a brutto tempo busker.  The Canadian winter season is too algid for me to busk.  Winter is my time to play shinny on outdoor rinks, to gig in raucous bars, and to write folk songs and stream of consciousness blog entries. 

Let me begin.  I did not go with my favorite NHL scout, Brad Hornung, and sit among the 4702 fans to watch the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League play the Spokane Chiefs.  Among those 4702 fans was Julie Stewart-Binks of FOX SPORTS (pictured above with Brad).  Had I been there, I would have been in that picture!

I would have also witnessed the Pats fourth straight win, beating the Chiefs 4 to 2.  Also I missed my new best friend, Colby Williams, winding up for one of his famous slap shots!  (Remember Colby, the hockey player that gave me the skates ... Colby, the same player that produced four points the previous evening against the Saskatoon Blades, earning him the First Star billing for the game.  I was there, with Brad, at that one!)

My thoughts go now from skates to boots (not a thick transition):  Colby gave me skates but … I do buy my own boots.  Here are my two pairs of Demonia boots bought from my favourite downtown shop, MADAME YES.  They are identical, save for the color.  One pair is black; the other pair is brown.  These are my wheels everyday spinning me along with my white or black shirt and blue jeans.


And now from boots to booth:  My complicated friend, Robin, took a time out (pun intended) to send me this picture of a TARDIS down the street from her.  Hmmm ...  I knew that Robin was a huge DOCTOR WHO fan!  (Now I  know that ROBIN IS DOCTOR WHO!)


And last, this, too, from my complicated friend and dog lover, Robin.  Keeping in my metacognitional theme, albeit with a telepathic twist, methinks Robin thinks I should draw her time-traveling companion, Rudy.  After all, I did draw her other canine traveling companions, Max and Luke and Zoey.  Recognizing my talent for drawing faces, I could eke a Spartan living drawing pooch portraits but … I am a BUSKOLOGIST.  I prefer busking with a pencil and sketch pad in my present time zone.  In a line, I prefer staying put in the 21st Century!


Whatever you want to do is what you’re doing (Tony Robbins).

And thus my essay for today, a string of metacognitive words from the esemplastic power of my imagination.   I’ve done what I wanted to have done ... 
and right now I want to write and think and write this to a close.


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