Sunday, March 2, 2014


It is minus 35 degrees.  

Methinks (again alas) it is too cold for guitar busking.  Killing the morning clock, I shall write in shaggy-dog style, about Clint Eastwood and myself, for we are, indeed, brothers under the Gemini Sun.

ASTROLOGY is the study of the movements and relative positions and paths of the sun and planets (the Zodiac) as having an influence on human behaviors and the natural world.  GEMINI is one the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

GEMINI is the sign of the TWINS.  People born betwixt May 22nd and June 21st are considered to be Geminis. The Zodiac Twins have a personality that is astrologically defined as being of dual-nature (a mix of yin and yang), elusive, complex, and contradictory.

On the bright side we are virtuous.  We are Communicative and Witty, Intellectual and Eloquent, and Youthful and Lively.

On the dark side we are vicious.  We are Nervous and Tense, Superficial and Inconsistent, and Cunning and Inquisitive.

Typically, Geminis are ATTRACTIVE and CHARMING!

In our better moments, we are candid. In our worse moments, we sulk.

A direct result of ASTROLOGY is the HOROSCOPE. 

A HOROSCOPE is the personal forecast of a person’s future, based on the relative positions of the sun and planets (the Zodiac) at the time of that person’s birth.  Typically, Horoscopes are published by those cognoscente in the study of Astrology.

HOROSCOPE readings are generalized character assessments rife with DOUBLE MEANINGS, OBVIOUS ADVICE, VAGUE REFERENCES, and THINGS I WANT TO HEAR, all of which being oblique and Aesopian in nature (conveying an innocent and general meaning to an outsider, but a hidden meaning to a particular Zodiac member of the sisterhood or brotherhood.)

Just this morning this is what I read in my personal Gemini HOROSCOPE:

  • All of my hard work is totally paying off, but my real windfall of success is still to come! (This exhibits the obvious advice of hard work paying off and … telling me what I want to hear.)

  • I am now feeling inclined to devote more of my waking hours toward creative and romantic pursuits, rather than my day-to-day mundane moils. (This exhibits the double meaning of … I should slack off my job accountabilities, or I am inclined to want to slack off and pursue more things of personal interest.)

  • Travel and Learning are fast becoming my major areas of interest.  (This is certainly a vague reference in the sense that, yes, I want to travel, and yes, I want to learn!  Who does not want these?  I am going to Europe twice more by this year end.  And, I’m presently writing my thesis statement for my doctorate.  Once I’ve decided this, there will be learning!)

  • My legendary curiosity is prompting an ever strong desire to dabble in many, many new interests. (This is another example of what I want to hear, confirming my desire to dabble in areas that, previously, I’ve never seemed to find the time.  I already dabble enough.  I play nine-ball.  I play in two bands.  I’ve two jobs that actually pay me a salary.  I’m a blogger.  I have no desire to dabble any more than what I am dabbling in at present.)

  • A rebirth in my love life could take place today.  (This is definitely a vague reference.  Am I going to be taking a walk on the wild side? Hmmm … )

  • I should make sure that I look my best, and expected the unexpected!  (This is another vague reference. Note to self … Be sure to be NOBBY.)

  • A friend may surprise me within a few days.  (Another vague reference for sure, and most certainly telling me what I want to hear. Hmmm … )

ASTROLOGY does have its critics (surprise, surprise). 

ASTROLOGY is the belief that accurate and scientific predictions can be made about people born at certain times and under certain conditions, and that these people will share certain blessed and accursed personality traits.  The criticism here is that thus far, there is no correlation, and that certain personality traits are spread randomly across all the Zodiac signs.

But, the main criticism of Astrology is there is not a Numen.  There is no known force can cause our sun and nearby planets to affect our behaviors, influence our personalities, never mind predict with any accuracy the future of any one of us. 

Admittedly, dear reader, I do not believe that the heavenly bodies have any influence at all on my personality, with the exceptions being having fun under the summer sun, and dancing romance under the silver moon.

However, I do acquiesce that the heavenly bodies do have an influence on our natural world; specifically, keeping our blue planet on its axial twenty-four spinning self, and on its elliptical yearly rotation about the sun.   

And I do believe that all Earthly living things (animals and plants), are brothers and sisters under the sun because … all of us need the sun’s rays to survive.
May 31st.  

Both Clint Eastwood and I were born on this day.  We were born under the Astrological sign of GEMINI.  Definitely Clint and I have some common traits.  With tongue-in-cheek I shall mention just an obvious few: 
He is a cowboy; I am a cowboy.  Clint is a tough guy; I am a tough guy. Clint can strum a guitar (see picture at the top of this blog entry); I can strum a guitar.

Besides Clint and me, other famous tough guys and brothers born under the GEMINI sun (May 31st ) include Joe Namath (Broadway Joe), Colin Farrell (Tigerland), Tom Berenger (Sniper). 


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