Sunday, June 2, 2013


Ah … life … sunny and windless and +21 degrees C. 

Hey, Davy Crockett!

Hey, Jimmy! 

You got the Davy Crockett look with that fringe, man!  

(Jimmy was referring to my new fringe guitar strap.) 

Cap-a-pie I presented the folk look, tousled hair, black t, faded jeans, black boots, and my new fringe Levy guitar strap!

It was a Davy Crockett kind of a day, as I was killin' barres (pun intended) strummin' my Simon Patrick and hummin' my HohnerFor that 90 minutes at the front entrance of Value Village, woolgathering whilst busking, I’ve a standpoint theory (pun intended) for my consumer and coin relationship.  (A consumer is a paying customer and coin is what most consumer toss into my open guitar case.) 

The Standpoint theory of this registered Buskologist:  
One in fifty passers-by is a consumer.  

My standpoint theory leads to another question: Is it worth it? 

And this leads yet to another question:  What is it?

I shall, for the purposes of presenting my theory, describe it as anything you want it to be.  It, then, could mean Health or Work or Love or anything, really.  Just fill in the blank.  For this essay, let’s just go for Health, Work, and Love.

Is it worth it?
Is your health worth it? Is your body a vessel of ache and pain?  Is your mind a blank?  Is it worth it to exercise and meditate?  Are your heart and lungs worth the raw physical effort to run long distances and lift heavy weights?  Is your mind worth the stationary calm to clear it of external clutter?  Is the adage true that exercise and meditation may not add years to your life but will definitely add life to your years?

Is it worth it?
Is your job worth it? Is your job drudgery? Is it worth the everyday hi-ho of getting off to work?  Is it worth it even though your pay sucks?  Is it worth it if you hate your boss?  Is it worth it if you do not take pride in your occupation?

Is it worth it?
Is your lover worth it?  Is your lover still attractive?  Physically?  Emotionally?


AND THE QUANTITATIVE SURD RESPONSE (If life has only to do with economic dollars and cents):
AND THE QUALITATIVE SUBSTANTIVE RESPONSE (If life tribulations have to do with enjoyment and common sense):

Both answers are necessary because when it has to do with economic input and output, the answer has to do with sustainability.  When it has to do with relationship maintain or ditch, the answer has to do with sensibility.

Sustainable means the capacity to endure.  Sensible means showing good sense or sound judgment.

Is it worth it?  This is the beginning of self-interrogation, reflection, and introspection. Self-interrogation is thinking about a series of questions. Reflection is thinking about your specific life choices.  Introspection is thinking about your chosen way of life in general.

Is it sustainable?  Yes, if one has the capacity to endure.

Is it sensible?  Yes, but only if one is showing good sense or judgment.

If it is a bully-victim relationship in either work or love, it could very well be sustainable because one can usually have the capacity to endure but it is most certainly not sensible.

Other human factors are always at play.  For the pessimist, things will never work out.  For the Pollyannist, things always work out.

As for my brand new LEVY’S fringe guitar strap that cost $123. 95 (tax not included) …
Is it worth it? 
Is it sustainable?   Yes. It is leather and will last forever (or at least as long as I last).
Is it sensible?  Yes.  I like the look of it and ... so did Jimmy!  
Yesterweek I'd have thought not, but now I'm dictated by the treacly LEVY'S logo ... 

Your guitar is worth it.

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  1. Having been accused, by my late brother, of being a drugstore cowboy , I will say you on the other hand present the image of a wild west character to the T. Drugstore cowboys only ever mounted a solid fiberglass steed that used roam the drugstores of my past. I on the hand have fallen gracefully off many a quarter horse. So to your point, was it worth 'it', the falling off and getting back on...oh yeah. Life gives us challenges, some simple some not so...I suspect we both would find life boring without the Davey Crockett size challenges.

    Whadya think?